Yuval Rosenberg

Yuval Rosenberg

Yuval Rosenberg oversees all aspects of The Fiscal Times' website and email newsletter, from editorial to audience and business development. Before being named editor in chief, he served as executive editor and business editor. Yuval has also worked at Newsweek, Fortune, Fast Company and WNYC. His writing has appeared in publications including BusinessWeek, CNBC.com, CNNMoney.com, Fast Company, Fortune, Newsweek, Money and Time.

Recent Stories By Yuval Rosenberg:

  • Are We Turning the Dials the Wrong Way?February 20, 2018

    “Federal fiscal policy is entering uncharted territory,” Goldman Sachs economists Alec Phillips and Blake Taylor warned Sunday in a research note. Their title: “What’s Wrong with Fiscal Policy?” You...

  • Debt Could Soar Much Higher Than White House Claims, Budget Group WarnsFebruary 16, 2018

    The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget predicted Thursday that an independent analysis of the president’s budget “will show much higher deficits and debt as a percent of Gross Domestic...

  • The Basic Problem with Trump’s Rosy Economic ProjectionsFebruary 15, 2018

    The U.S. economy grew 2.5 percent last year and the new White House budget assumes real GDP growth will come in at 2.8 percent or better every year over the next decade. Economists elsewhere — like...

  • VA Chief Misused Taxpayer Money: ReportFebruary 14, 2018

    The Trump administration, already embroiled in controversy over its handling of the domestic violence allegations against senior White House aide Rob Porter, now faces a new scandal: Veterans Affairs...

  • The Best of Twitter’s #TaxValentinesFebruary 14, 2018

    Seeing the #TaxValentines hashtag on Twitter got our hearts all aflutter today. Here are some of the tweets we loved best. If you can top these, send your submissions to yrosenberg@thefiscaltimes.com...

  • Number of the Day: 5.5 PercentFebruary 14, 2018

    Health care spending in the U.S. will grow at an average annual rate of 5.5 percent from 2017 through 2026, according to new estimates published in Health Affairs by the Office of the Actuary at the...

  • Can Mick Mulvaney Still Call Himself a Deficit Hawk?February 14, 2018

    Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, may have just put out a budget proposal that never reaches balance and that projects more than $7 trillion in deficits over...

  • How Trump’s Budget Would Cut the Social Safety NetFebruary 13, 2018

    As a candidate, President Trump said he would not cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. But his 2019 budget proposal seeks to reduce spending on all three programs and other parts of the social...

  • The 5 Key Parts of Trump's Plan to Lower Prescription Drug PricesFebruary 13, 2018

    The White House budget released Monday includes a number of ideas for lowering the cost of prescription drugs: Passing on discounts and rebates negotiated by pharmacy benefit managers to seniors...

  • Trump Clearly Has No Problem with Debt and DeficitsFebruary 13, 2018

    A self-proclaimed “king of debt,” President Trump has produced a budget that promises red ink as far as the eye can see. With last year's $1.5 trillion tax cut reducing revenues, the White House gave...

  • The Trump Budget's $7.1 Trillion HoleFebruary 12, 2018

    The Trump administration on Monday proposed a $4.4 trillion budget for 2019 and a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. In practical terms, neither of them will matter all that much — but both are...

  • The Rand Paul Shutdown: A Low Point in the Deficit DebateFebruary 9, 2018

    The federal government shut down briefly for the second time in three weeks on Friday after Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) temporarily blocked a Senate vote on a massive spending deal that would have kept...

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